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AuthLogic is awesome!

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Probably every Rails developer has used restful_authentication. Most of us on practically every application. But restful_authentication generates quite some code and is somewhat an odd plugin. It is a bit out of place in the regular restful controllers that you make. They are making a new modular version of it, but it isn't much of an improvement, if you ask me.

Luckily, there is a new plugin/gem that does this better. It's called AuthLogic. It used to be called AuthGasm, but now we can actually install it without blushing every time we do ls vendor/plugins. It gives you a familiar acts_as_authentic for your user model (nothing more, mind you!) and a UserSession model, which isn't inheriting from ActiveRecord, but from AuthLogic::Session::Base class, which AuthLogic provides.

The big plus is that now you can use form_for for user sessions just as you would for any ActiveRecord model. Your UserSessionsController can even be like rails scaffold provides. Just save to the @user_session object and a session is set.

You're free to make multiple sessions per user to be able to log in on multiple locations. Just read the README to see what is possible!

There are no specs provided with AuthLogic, so here are some helpers to spec controllers. Add them to spec_helper.rb or in another file which gets loaded by RSpec.

def current_user(stubs = {})
  @current_user ||= mock_model(User, stubs)

def user_session(stubs = {}, user_stubs = {})
  @current_user ||= mock_model(UserSession, {:user => current_user(user_stubs)}.merge(stubs))

def login(session_stubs = {}, user_stubs = {})
  UserSession.stub!(:find).and_return(user_session(session_stubs, user_stubs))

def logout
  @user_session = nil

So you can write specs like this:

describe SecretsController do
  before { login }
  it "should be very very secret!"

And as a litte bonus, it works nice with my plugin: acts_as_translatable_model. Making your login forms is easier than ever! So please take a look at it! I'm betting you'll love it!