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3 times ActiveSupport 3

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Rails 3 is coming. All the big changes are spoken of elsewhere, so I'm going to mention some small changes. Here are 3 random new methods added to ActiveSupport:


First up is Object#presence which is a shortcut for Object#present? && Object. It is a bit of a sanitizer. Empty strings and other blank values will return nil and any other value will return itself. Use this one and your code might be a tad cleaner.

"".presence # => nil
"foo".presence #=> "foo"

# without presence:
if params[:foo].present? && (foo = params[:foo])
  # ..

# with presence:
if foo = params[:foo].presence
  # ...

# The example Rails gives:
state   = params[:state]   if params[:state].present?
country = params[:country] if params[:country].present?
region  = state || country || 'US'
# ...becomes:
region = params[:state].presence || params[:country].presence || 'US'

I like this way of cleaning up you're code. I guess it's Rubyesque to feel the need to tidy and shorten your code like this.


Another funny one is Array.uniq_by (and it sister-with-a-bang-method). It works as select, but returns only the first element from the array that complies with the block you gave it. Here are some examples to illustrate that:

[ 1, 2, 3, 4 ].uniq_by(&:odd?) # => [ 1, 2 ]

posts = %W"foo bar foo".map.with_index do |title, i|
  Post.create(:title => title, :index => i)
# => [ Post("foo", 0), Post("bar", 1) ] ( and not Post("foo", 2) )

some_array.uniq_by(&:object_id) # same as some_array.uniq


And the final one for today is exclude? which is the opposite of include?. Nobody likes the exclamation mark before predicate methods.

# yuck:
# better:

And it also works on strings:

# even more yuck:
!"The quick fox".include?("quick") # => false
# better:
"The quick fox".exclude?("quick") # => false

The full release notes of Rails 3 can be read here.