Helping you do some stuff in selenium in the RSpec Story Runner.

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Selenium clicking a label

I am making some acceptance tests for the LevenAls website, using plain text stories from David Chelimsky together with the Selenium runner from Kerry Buckley

Story: Selenium clicking a label

As a developer
I wanted to make acceptence tests
So I installed Cucumber and Selenium

  Scenario: Writing clean tests
    When I wanted to make the stories as clean as possible
    And I wanted to click a rails generated radiobutton
    Then the story became ugly
    And it had lines like 'the user clicks a customer_gender_m button'

  Scenario: I made a step for labels, getting the text
    When I wanted to get rid of it
    And I couldn't find an easy answer
    And I spent the better part of my evening googling it
    Then I made a post on the Selenium forum
    And asked for advice

  Scenario: I found a solution myself
    When I was sitting in the train
    And I was trying all kinds of solutions
    Then I stumbled upon the solution
    And I was overjoyed
    And it was: $"//label[text()='#{label}']")

So here is the entire step:

When "the user clicks on a $element labelled $label" do |element, label|
  $ "//label[text()='#{label}']"
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